New dentist office to come on the corner of Highway 25 and Regina Coeli Road

The corner of Highway 25 and Regina Coeli Road will soon be home to a new dentist office. The 2.2-acre parcel recently sold in March for $5.95 per square foot and plans are proposed for McMath
Construction to build a 4,770-square-foot facility. The improvement will not occupy the entire tract as it also extends to the corner of Privette Boulevard and the remaining land will be reserved
for at least two other future medical office buildings according to the owner. This area near the Highway 25 and Ronald Regan Highway intersection is becoming a target area for new
development given the amount of land available as well as other announced developments such as the new Franco’s Gulf Center within the Covington Commons Premiere Multi-Use Development
across Highway 25 as well as a proposed 244-unit multifamily apartment complex on the adjacent southwest corner on Regina Coeli Drive and Privette Boulevard.


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