New French Truck Coffee Space on Dryades

In January 2015, 4536 Dryades Street was just another old residential double that are so commonly found in Uptown New Orleans. Fast forward thirteen months and the property is now the newest location of French Truck Coffee. Local developers Ben Jacobson and Casey Burka acquired the property and soon began a renovation to convert it from its historical use to a single tenant commercial space. Shortly thereafter the exterior was painted that unmistakable shade of yellow associated with French Truck Coffee and the secret was out. The new space opened in late February and is already a popular spot for coffee drinkers and lunch goers.

The location of the new French Truck Coffee space is noteworthy but is far from the only real estate activity to occur in the neighborhood. Since March 1, 2014, an MLS search indicates a total of 46 home sales in the relatively small area bound by St. Charles Avenue, Freret Street, Valence Street and Napoleon Avenue. A drive of the neighborhood will reveal home renovations in progress on almost every block. With the nearby Freret Street re-development making most of the headlines, the addition of the new French Truck Coffee location is a welcome addition to this up and coming neighborhood.

-Blake Ridings


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